The children served by Wiphan are considered to be single orphans if they have lost one parent through death or abandonment or double orphans if they have lost both parents. Life in the compounds can be difficult and dangerous for orphans. They have the least value in the eyes of their community and often experience rejection. Relatives are expected to care for them, but are often struggling to care for their own families. Orphans not in school are vulnerable to physical or sexual abuse, child labor or sex trafficking.

Mary Chola

Community: TuliOne Children's Homes
Location: Ndola, Zambia
Gender: Female
Birthday: January 01, 2011
Age: 8
School: Wiphan Nkwazi Primary School
Grade: 1
Mary and her older sister, Stephania, are living at TuliOne Homes after losing their father and being abandoned by their mother, who suffers from mental illness. Their grandmother had taken them in but her husband rejected them. Mary loves elephants, Fanta, and the color white. Her dream is to become a nurse.

Mary's Unmet Needs

Basic Needs
TuliOne and Wiphan Care Ministries depend on sponsorships to feed, clothe and educate the children. The children need help, and your monthly sponsorship of a child will provide ongoing funding to meet their needs.
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