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The children waiting for sponsors have lost either one parent (single orphans) or both parents (double orphans) through death or abandonment. Life in the compounds can be dangerous and difficult for orphans. They are not valued in their community and often are rejected. Relatives are expected to care for orphans, but often struggle to care for their own families. Orphans who do not attend school are vulnerable to physical or sexual abuse, child labor or sex trafficking.

Attending Wiphan provides meaning and hope for orphaned children. Sponsoring a child helps to provide education, a daily school lunch, medical care, Bible curriculum and a safe place to be during the day, not only for the child who is sponsored, but for all the orphans who attend Wiphan. Unlike other child sponsorship programs, Wiphan believes that ALL children are worthy of all of the benefits of attending school at Wiphan. Thank you for choosing a child to develop a relationship with and for helping to care for ALL of the children at Wiphan.

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Ndola, Zambia SPONSOR
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Ndola, Zambia SPONSOR
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Ndola, Zambia SPONSOR